Tuesday, June 21, 2022

INSANE Value and Quality BUT - Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Review

This is without a doubt, the best Budget Tent on the Market today BUT....
There is ONE Issue that may change your mind about it.

In this Episode Luke is reviewing the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent
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Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent Review 

What it is : This is a 3 season 1 person tent from the company known as Teton Sports.  This is a budget friendly shelter that has truly impressed me;

Weight : 4.4lbs

Materials :
RAINFLY MATERIAL: 66D 3MM Ripstop Polyester 
FLOOR MATERIAL: 150D Polyester Oxford
Pole : T6 Aluminum 
Storage Bag : 66D 3mm Ripstop Polyester

Dimensions Stored : 21 x 5

Dimensions Setup Interior : 80 x 30 x 41 - confirm those measurements with tape measure.

Price : $110 retail (purchased during a sale on the Teton website for $83

Colors : Gray and Silver, Red and Yellow

Versions : 1, 2, 3, 4 person variants 

Features :
One Door
One vestibule 
Overhead pocket

Lifetime warranty
Review Pros :
Top notch quality 

Excellent price, especially for the sale price that I picked it up for, $85. 

Absolutely waterproof

Very sturdy when staked and guyed out.  I’ve had this in winds around 30 mph and it has never had an issue

Excellent ventilation - body features a ton of mesh

Good quality materials for a budget tent -

Large mesh overhead pocket

Lifetime Warranty - this is huge, if you have an issue, Teton Sports will take care of you and that issue. 

 I’ve heard from a lot of viewers over the years, those rare few who have issues have always been taken care of.

Tent has numerous vents including one on the door.

Easy setup and break down

Good pack size

Review Cons : 
The biggest con that i have for this tent is the size; it is small - so small in fact that everyone is going to be able to use it.  

Because of the small size, condensation can form on the inside of the tent body as well as on the fly.  The fly is to be expected but on the tent body is a bit of surprise.  This goes back to the size of the tent; because the inside of the tent is so small, you have fabric close to your body and with the release of moisture from your body as well as heat, condensation can form around you and especially down towards your feet. 
One of the vents can’t be addressed when you are inside of the tent
Somewhat heavy but that is to be expected with a budget friendly tent which uses polyester as the main material.

The Tent Stakes aren’t the best but they work in most situations.  These are of a Shepherd’s hook variation and the issues with them is that they bend easily and spin. 
I wish the storage bag was a bit bigger; storing your tent in the bag at home where you can easily roll everything is one thing…it’s completely different out in the field.

Funny Amazon Review :
“My wife and I are heavy smokers, we got this tent by saving up our Marlboro cigarette points, the tent is great, the storage pocket holds 3 or 4 packs of cigarettes plus my inhaler.”

Summary :
For the money, I can’t think of a better quality shelters; Teton Sports has really impressed me with the Mountain Ultra; I’ve owned older versions of tent and I am glad to say that I can still recommend this shelter.

It’s waterproof, sturdy in the wind, the quality is top notch and the price for this tent makes it hard to beat.  

I have no problem recommending it; way to go Teton Sports.

Stay tuned to my channel for more Teton Sports reviews as I have been working hard for months to test out a number of their products.

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