Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Real Review - Does the Radical Design Work? - OneTigris Scaena Tent Agen...

This is it folks, my review of the OneTigris Scaena Tent.
This is one very interesting shelter as it features a design that hasn't been seen before.

In this Agenda Free Review Luke is going to share this thoughts about this tent, the pros and cons, and his experiences with using this tent in all sorts of conditions.
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OneTigris Scaena Backpacking Tent - Review

Colors : Coyote Brown

Fly : 20D silicone Ripstop nylon treated  with 3000mm rating 
Body : 40D silicone Ripstop nylon with 3000mm floor
Poles : 7001 Aluminum
Zippers : YKK

Weight : 5.3lbs

Dimensions :
Stored : 15.5” long x 8” wide
Setup : 6.8’ long x 4.1’ wide x 3.7” tall

5 guy lines
10 tent stakes
Storage bag

Price : $250


This is a 3 season tent, 
2 doors 
2 vestibules

Review Pros :
Very unique design - I’ve never seen anything like it before.  The partial fly, the way that the floor pulls out on one side - it’s unique.
Very well made tent for the money.
The quality is very good with no issues being found with the seam taping, the stitching or so on.
Large tent that offers plenty of space for 2 people and their gear. Users can sit up while inside of the tent.
Plenty of pockets
Ventilation is very good in most situations. Lots of mesh.
Condensation is possible in any tent if the conditions are right for it but with that being said, it is well controlled in this tent and has not been an issue during my testing.
Pack size and weight aren’t bad considering the amount of space that the tent offers. 
I like the colors of this tent - it looks cool. Earth tones for the win. 
Excellent materials - ripstop nylon, aluminum poles - not a delicate polyester.
The Setup and Breakdown of the tent is easy and straightforward and shouldn’t give you any problems. 

Review Cons :
Design : While I have not had any leaking from this tent, it is possible due to the funky design.  That is my biggest gripe with this tent; the fly design is strange and in the end, only creates a problem for the user.

With the internal fly, it behaves just as a 4th season tent does; the fabric blocks wind and keeps out with drafts and with a full fly, these panels could be used to control the amount of airflow coming into a tent to a great degree while blocking out falling and blowing moisture.

Leaking : Ok, I mentioned that I haven’t had any leaking and I have had it out in as heavy of rain events that I think anyone would ever camp in but that doesn’t mean that others haven’t had issues and it doesn’t mean that leaking isn’t possible because it is.

While I was testing this tent out, some of my viewers were as well and this is what we have learned together.

The way that you seal up the door on the side of the tent without the fly will ultimately determine whether the tent leaks in calmer conditions.  It’s all about the zippers; if they aren’t seated just right, water can make its way into the tent.

Because of this, it is advised that you get in the tent from the side with the fly if wet weather is possible, that way you can ensure that the zippers are in the right place.

Also - In very windy conditions, water can be blown between the panels and leaking is possible.  
The quick to deploy hasty shelter is just about worthless. There is no reason to do it other than a bit of sun protection.  It will not keep moisture out because there is no door on one size. 
The single vestibule doesn’t offer all that much space - luckily the tent is larger than your average 2 person tent and makes up for the small vestibule.
Tent stakes are rather small and may need to be replaced depending on the type of soil that you are setting the tent up on. 


In summary, this is a very, very interesting tent from OneTigris and while I love that they are thinking outside of the box, I wish that in this case, the tent featured a full size fly.  That would add true protection to the occupants while providing additional functionality.

With that being said, if used in the correct manner this is going to be a waterproof tent; it’s when the door isn’t zipped shut correctly or if it is extremely windy that you might have some problems.

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