Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Would You Use this Backpacking Pillow? - Sea to Summit Aeros Air and Dow...

Over the last 6+ months I have been testing out this pillow and for backpacking purposes, it is truly amazing!

This is my review of the very lightweight inflatable Sea to Summit Aeros Air and Down Pillow
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Sea to Summit Aeros Down Inflatable Pillow 

What it is : This is a lightweight, inflatable pillow which I purchased back in December of 2021.

Materials : 10-denier nylon top, 20-denier nylon base, Thermoplastic Polyurethane bladder and down.  10D SIL NYLON stuff sack 

Dimensions Compressed : 3.2” x 2.6”

Dimensions Inflated : 13.5” x 9.5” x 4.7” thick  (regular size)

Weight : 2.6oz with storage bag - pillow weights 2.4oz

Versions : There is 3 sizes of the Aeros pillow, Regular, Large and Deluxe

There is also a down-less version of this pillow that is even lighter weight 

Reg - 13.5”x9.5”4.7”
Large - 16.5”x11”
Deluxe - 23”x15”

Price : $60

Colors : Grey with a white top, green with a white top, 

Features :

Lightweight inflatable pillow with a layer of comfortable, quiet down insulation for camping or travel
Multi-function flat air mini valve provides easy inflation, fast deflation and the ability to fine-tune the pressure

Technical fabrics reduce weight, are durable, and will withstand exposure to moisture

Compatible with Sea to Summit camping sleeping mats with PillowLock patches to secure pillow in place
Baffle design reduces migration of down - in other words, it keeps the down in place so that you don’t develop a pocket of down. It’s always spread out

Review Pros :
Very comfortable - feels great on your head and also your face.

Excellent quality - never an issue with leaking 

Plenty big especially if you are seeking a balance of weight and comfort.

Multi-function valve is excellent

Easy to inflate
Easy to deflate and roll up

Valve allows for easy adjustment of firmness

Extremely small when compressed
Very, very lightweight 

Comparable Price to other name brand camping pillows - with that being said, there are plenty of pillows on the market that are much less expensive. 

Review Cons : 
If you are a VERY light sleeper, there is a bit of a noise to the down pillow top that you may hear as your reposition.  

Not the thickest of pillows but when it comes to a camping pillow, most aren’t all that thick. For myself, I find that with a jacket under the pillow, it sits high enough for me to be comfortable. 

Down topper isn’t revolutionary - it’s definitely nice but it doesn’t add a ton of comfort to this pillow. 

For most of my life I have been wadding up a jacket and using that as a pillow.  I can tell you this, this is far FAR more comfortable than that solution and here’s the best news; it adds very little weight to your pack. 

Over the years I have used a number of pillows that were comfortable enough but ultimately I leave them behind.  

That’s not the case with this pillow; I’ve enjoyed using this pillow and for most trips, this is something that I am going to grab.  It’s very lightweight, comfortable to use and I can easily recommend it. 

Who should be interested in this product?  I would say anyone; this is going to be a great addition to any kit and it doesn't matter if you are overlanding or backpacking.  

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