Thursday, September 8, 2022

OneTigris ACTUALLY Did It! - OneTigris WorkTop Portable Camping Table

Many have been waiting for the OneTigris Folding Table to return to the market and today is the day!

It's back and it's better than ever!

This is the OneTigris WorkTop Folding Table first look!
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OneTigris WorkTop Portable Camping Table 

What it is : If you go back in time to early 2020, OneTigris had a foldable table on the market and it was a great product - At some point in time that year, the company discontinued it and since that point and time, I have been bombarded with questions about alternatives.

The closest that I have seen was the Sundick foldable table….yeah, you heard me, that’s the same of it.

Over the last two years, I’ve spoken to OneTigris numerous times and I’ve asked them;

“When is there going to be a new table?”
“Any word on a foldable table?”
“You all need to bring out a new table.”

Finally after a long wait, OneTgris has returned the Table to the market and folks, it’s just as good if not better than the previous version.

The company calls this the WorkTop table and my first look begins now.

What’s included : Storage bag, table top, frame, mesh storage 

Weight : 2.66lbs - complete package 

Materials : 600D Polyester, 7075 Aluminum, Nylon 66 Plastic, YKK Zippers 

Measurements Stored : 16.1” long, 5.1” wide

Measurements Setup : 15.75” deep, 23.6” long, 15.3” tall

Load Capacity : 88lbs on the table, 22lbs in the mesh storage 

Colors : Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and Black

Price : $50

Compared to the previous version :

The old version cost $68 - 
Was made with 500D Cordura Nylon
Included two I believe MOLLE panels that attached to the table - i never found a use for them so I discarded them
Size is virtually the same - the new table is about an inch longer and height and depth is virtually the same
Summary :
If you have been waiting for this table to return to the market, today is the day!  For all intensive purposes the same table; there are some slight differences with the measurements, the materials but in all reality, you won’t likely notice them.

The previous version of this table was excellent and this one looks to continue with that tradition.  Way to go OneTigris for hearing the feedback from the outdoor community and bringing this product back to the market.  
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