Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Wow....It's Worse Than I Expected - Outdoor Vitals Fortius 2P Tent Water...

In this episode, Luke is waterproof testing the Outdoor Vitals Fortius 2P tent

Will it be waterproof?
How bad is the stretching going to be?
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Outdoor Vitals Fortius 2P Tent - First Look 

What it is : This is a trekking pole tent from the company called Outdoor Vitals.  This is new to the market and I have received countless requests to review it.

Thanks to all of the requests, I purchased this tent so that I can give you all an Agenda Free Review.

I’ve heard that there are some videos on this tent already but I’ve been told that they can’t be trusted.

That’s why TOGR exists; I’m going to give it to you all straight.  The good, the bad, and I’ll show where a product excels and where it falls behind.

Does this tent look familiar in terms of design?

I would say yes! What do you say?

Cost : $340


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