Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Interesting Japanese Stove - Fore Winds (Iwatani) Compact Camp Butane St...

This stove is frustrating to use and you're about to see why...

Today Luke from The Outdoor Gear Review is sharing his opinion concerning a Japanese Stove from the company known as Fore Winds.  

This is his Agenda Free Review of the Compact Camp Stove which is guaranteed to irritate you! 


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What it is : This is a camp stove that runs on Butane and it comes from a Japanese company called Fore Winds.

Fuel : Butane

BTUs : 9,200

Run Time : With mixed use, I’ve clocked 100 minutes of use with a full can of butane. 

Size with Case : 4.3” x 3.2” x 2.7”

Size of Stove Setup : 6.1” x 5”

Weight with Case : 11.5oz
Weight without Case : 9.5

Materials : EVA foam lined case,
 Stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic 

Price : $80 on Amazon

Review Pros :
Excellent quality
Performs very well - butane is best used with temps above 40F.  If below, you will need to keep the fuel warm for best performance.
Pot Supports will allow use with most pots, cups, and pans - the smallest of cups may not work though
Price is comparable to other Butane powered stoves. 
- Ignitor works very well
- A nice case is included
- Integrated windscreen is moderately effective and legs act as a windscreen as well.

Review Cons :
Pot supports are fiddly to open and close
Let’s are fiddly too to open and close
While the stove offers good BTU performance for the size, the burner head is rather small and will work best for small pots, pans and cups.  In other words, this isn’t the stove that I would purchase if you are planning to cook large meals at camp - this is made for smaller scale uses. If you are planning to cook large amounts of food, you will want to use pots and pans that have an inner core in them so that heat is distributed more evenly. 
The company claims that this is their smallest camp stove and is their lightest.  This stove is rather large for a camp stove and there are tons of stoves smaller than this one. 
Slightly large and slightly heavy
- The parent company sells canisters of butane for an exceptionally high price.  $14 per can which is a CRAZY RipOFF.  You can find 12 cans of butane for $34 from numerous companies. 

To summarize my review of the Fore Winds Camp Stove, ultimately this isn’t a bad product but the design isn’t the best and I’m talking about the way that the legs and pot supports fold and unfold.  It’s a bit annoying to be honest; this isn’t a deal breaker but it is what it is.

Overall the performance isn’t bad at all if you like to run Butane, fuel is fairly inexpensive if you purchase the right brand, but the stove is pricey when you compare it to ISOButane stoves which can be found for $10 - $20?

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