Thursday, June 15, 2023

Very Few Stoves Can Do This - Snow Peak Home and Camp Burner Stove

Snow Peak Home and Camp Stove Review 

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Review Pros :
- Very good quality system - nicely made, good construction, good materials, no rough edges - feels substantial with one small exception which I will speak of in just a moment. 
- Very compact design and it’s fairly lightweight for what this stove offers
- The way that it transforms is impressive - it’s rather sleek 
- Can support pots and pans ranging from 4.5” to 12” in diameter.  
- Overall performance of this stove is very good - there are faster stoves out on the market but most will be larger than this
- Ignitor works very well
- Butane fuel at least here in the States is very inexpensive 
- Once you have the stove set up, it offers a very stable platform to cook on.
- Inserting the fuel canister is very fast and simple - there is no locking lever which some may want.
- Stove has an interesting feature that I haven’t seen before - it has a copper heat conduit that warms the fuel canister which helps when using this stove in colder conditions. This is important as butane doesn’t perform the best when it is cold. 
- The flames originate from inside of the burner ring which does help with wind resistant but in windy conditions, some sort of shielding will be needed. 

Review Cons :
- Pricey - if a compact design isn’t important to you, then there are less expensive stoves out on the market 
- Unfolding the stove isn’t as fluid and easy as one would expect.  I’ve set this up and broke it down hundreds of times and it’s still not a smooth process - the locking pin on the bottom isn’t super easy to push nor is it to locate. 
- No case is included. 
With the adjuster, the stove turns off at 1 instead of 0 - the first couple of times that you use this stove you might want to simmer, you make the adjustment and you turn the stove off instead 
- While I like the build quality and the materials, there is one slight issue that I want to mention - with the fuel door cover, if you close it too strongly you can overshoot the locking point - it’s a bit flimsy in that regard. 
- The pot support legs are too far apart to be used with small cups or pots. - Anything with a diameter less than 4.5” and you will have some difficulty using it with this stove 
- No English instructions are included      

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