Thursday, June 22, 2023

You Get What You Pay For - Mardingtop Tactical 28L Backpack - Review

How do I really feel about the Mardingtop Tactical 28L Backpack?
In this episode Luke isn't holding back as he goes over the Pros and Cons that he has for this backpack.

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Mardingtop 28L Backpack Summary
After testing out this product, I must admit I like it a lot.  For the money once you drop all of the marketing bullshit, this is a good budget friendly tactical style system that’s good for a day hike purpose.  

The capacity is small, it will leave you soaked after hiking but it’s comfortable and durable enough as long as you aren’t hard on it.  

When it comes to Mardingtop, I’ve been testing out many of their products and while the larger packs I can’t recommend the smaller ones are actually pretty good. 

The last thing that I have to say is that this pack is a $42 polyester backpack and it should be treated like one.  Keep that in mind and I think this pack will be around for many adventures but if you treat this like a true military pack, a true tactical backpack and you will be sorry.
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