Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Propper 16x8 Hook and Loop Hydration Sleeve – Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Propper 16x8 Hook and Loop Hydration Sleeve.


Link Propper :   $22.99

Link Amazon :   $28.30

Colors : Black Only

Weight : 8.4oz

·        100% Polyester

·        Sized to fit most popular 3 liter hydration reservoirs

·        Padded for additional protection and insulation

·        Lined for water resistance

·        Hook backed and loop faced for attaching to loop fields without limiting additional hook and loop accessories

·        Large open-top compartment allows for easy entry and removal with a secure hook and loop retention strap

·        16" H x 8" W x 1" D

I wish that it had a clip on the inside to support the hydration bladder from sagging as water is removed from the bladder.

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  1. I've recently ordered an array of different clips, buckles and add-ons for some of my Molle-compatible packs. I'm having fun learning to make them all useful, plus I am getting lots of compliments on my system. Perhaps Luke can recommend some more Molle accessories.