Friday, July 29, 2016

V3 Pocket Bellows - Review - A Must for Your Fire Kit

Today Luke is reviewing the Epiphany Outdoor Gear V3 Pocket Bellows.

Will it become a staple of his fire kit?  Find out now!

Link Amazon :

Link Pocketbellows :

Price : $11.69 on amazon / $15 on their web site (they will accept international orders)

Weight : .8oz for the bellows / 1.0oz for the bellows and container


Pros :

Easy to use
Simple design

The pocket bellows also puts some distance between you and the combustion, reducing irritation.

Cons :
Could be longer :D

Review :

This has become a staple item within my fire kit.  Before I began testing this out, I pegged this to be somewhat of gimmick but folks, that was my mistake.  I’m about as experienced of an outdoorsman that there is and I love this tool and that is what it is. A valuable tool! This is purchase that I wouldn’t regret as it’s incredibly simple and incredibly useful.

I’ve used to get my fires going, I’ve used it to bring my fires back to life, I’ve used this to create smokey burns to get rid of bugs.  I have used this to focus heat to boil my water faster.

Buy it!

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