Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Camel Wool Socks - Review

Today Luke and Susan are reviewing the Happy Camel Wool Socks.


Link Happy Camel :

Price : $16.00

Weight : 2.6oz for the pair

Size : small, Med, large, extra large

Details about the socks :

•       92% camel wool, 8% spandex and polyester

•       Lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking

•       Naturally odor resistant

•       Natural lanolin moisturizes and softens

•       Hollow fibers provide excellent insulation

•       Comforting for achy muscles, sore joints, and arthritis.


  1. My wool Wigwam's worn out that fast but my Smartwool's are still going strong even after five years of heavy hiking :)

  2. I bought a 2 pack of wool socks from Big Lots a couple years back(no heckling please--I didn't know any better), and while they seem to want to last, they are ribbed all the way around, and not only hurt from the moment I put them on, but almost always give me blisters. Crazy thing is, my feet are TOUGH! I've had shards of glass in my heels that were pushed in by my ~340 pound body weight, and removal via Swiss army knife didn't draw a drop of blood. These socks claim to BREATHE, yet even in 20 degree winter cold, my feet turn to prunes in them. At first I thought it was the fault of wool in general, but once I got surplus wool blankets, I learned differently. Guess the bottom line is do your research before ya buy something. If I knew those $16 socks were going to cause that much trouble, I'd never have bought them. Why do I still have them? Because when an ice storm blew through Dothan a few years back, I didn't have wool socks, and even with two pairs of cotton socks, my feet were ice cubes. Also doesn't help that I don't have enough money for better wool socks. In the meantime, if another ice storm blows through, I'll use cotton socks as liners and be toasty warm without pain or blisters.

  3. Sign me up for a pair of hand made Suzie Super Socks!