Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Italian Army Vegetato Rucksack - Military Surplus

It's Military Surplus Wednesday and today Luke is taking a look at the Italian Army Vegetato Rucksack.

Link Keepshooting :

Price : 169.95

This large Italian Army Vegetato Rucksack is by far the nicest and most versatile military issue rucksack we have ever sold. Looking at all of the features, you would be correct in thinking the designer considered every possible military use and where possible added features for it. Capable of carrying over 90L of cargo along with one of the most comfortable padded frames, no job is too big or too small for this military issue backpack.

Material “ Cordura

(veg – e-tat-o)


·        Authentic Italian Army Vegetato Rucksack
·        Zippered Side Pockets for External Storage
·        Zippered Bottom Access to Main Cargo Compartment
·        Zippered Bottom External Pocket
·        Full Molle System for Attaching Included Pouches or Other Molle Gear
·        Extensive Use of Buckles for Compression and Access
·        Holds over 90L of Cargo - Exandable to 120L
·        Vegetato Camouflage Pattern
·        Near New Condition

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  1. That is a damn fine looking pack. Unfortunately, I can find no source, let alone one offering the pack for $170.