Friday, March 23, 2018

Backpacking in a Blizzard - Winter Storm Backpacking Overnight Adventure

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A major winter storm is on the way and...

As the temperature drops...
The Snow begins to fall...
The winds pick up...
The Lone Wolf Heads Out!

This is Luke's latest Winter Overnight Adventure.


  1. Super adventure Luke! Well done. That Hilleberg is worth every penny and more. The warmest I've ever been was in an older model and I just cannot remember the name. My Air Force buddy and I slept warmly through a winter stormy night in the Bavarian Alps. It was unplanned but his car getting stuck in a snow bank forced us to "camp out"...sleeping in a two-seater Porsche was not an option. We endured high winds and snow flying horizontally. We survived unscathed and it was a snow plow vehicle that rescued us. I love your adventures and they root out old memories of incredible times for me. Thank you, Luke! Buddy, you rock!!

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