Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Backcountry Secret Sunrise Overnight Adventure

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Thank you all of joining Susan and I for our next overnight adventure.  This involves an ambitious trip into the Backcountry of Western NC and a mission to experience a bitterly cold Sunrise!

After the Camp is coming up on Monday where we will go behind the scenes of what you see in this Adventure.

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  1. Luke and Susie, you two are incredible! What a wonderful partnership. Thank you so much for sharing that sunrise with us. It reminded me of my sunrise visits to the to the top of Haleakala Crater in Maui. I miss them so much. Diana and I cannot wait to return to our beautiful Hawaii. Luke, you'll be in our prayers and we wish you well. I feel for you, Bruh, as I had to give up my wine and Swisher Sweets some 25 years ago due to an ulcer. Sucks! Thank God I can still enjoy my Kona coffee at home and even enjoy Taster's Nasty on my hikes. KUDO's to you both for this adventure...arising out of a warm sleeping bag at 0-dark-thirty to hike up a mountain is NOT on my bucket list! It's no wonder we fans love you guys as you do all the crazy (insane, maybe?) stuff for us. Your backpacks are incredible and that Fjallraven suits Susie to a T along with that beautiful knitted hat. I love that Sabra pack and I do believe it's a staple with the Mossad. I'm a sucker for military gear even though I retired 30 years ago. God bless you two and keep the adventures coming. We fans love them. AlphaWhiskey47 out.