Monday, March 5, 2018

'Tactical' and Reversible - Carinthia G Loft Reversible Jacket Review

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Today Luke is previewing the Carinthia Reversible Jacket and you will have the chance to buy it if you are interested.  Find out why now.

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Cost : $200USD

G-Loft Reversible Jacket


1.10lbs for the large700 g (Size L)

Out-In-Side Fabric
100% Polyamide (poly-ah-Myde

G-Loft ISO+ Filling


Comfort Temperature (EN 342):
5F /- 15°C

Extremely lightweight due to its thermal efficiency
soft and downy to the touch
retains full insulating power even when wet
does not absorb humidity
allows moisture to escape
machine washable

excellent ability to regain loft after several compressions
anti-allergenic, anti bacterial
ykk zippers
wind flap
chin guard
2 large outer pockets
elastic drawcord at hem
elastic cuffs
a compression bag is included if you purchase new; since I purchased used, it didn’t come with it.
Synthetic fill is good for wet and damp conditions which is light, warm and breathable

I am unable to review this product adequantly because it doesn’t fit me proper and I will explain how this came to be.  I was on ebay recently looking for something or another and I happen upon a listing for this jacket.  It was a small but for the price, I figure I would gamble on it.  Well I received the jacket and it is very nice but unfortunately it is too small for me.

So what follows are my impressions of the jacket with limited use.  More than anything, I wanted to make a video on this jacket so that I could get some awareness on this product out there.. This is something that you can have imported here to the USA but it will be very difficult to locate this for sale in the usa as it mainly found in Europe.  Speaking of which Carthina they have been making sleeping bags for civilians and for military applications for over 70 years.  They are based in Austria and are known for very high quality and also, a generally high price.  Military grade products in most if not all cases.

Thoughts on this jacket :

Very well made, very warm, compressible. Stitching is very good

Smart design.  No matter which way you wear it, you have two outside pockets and to inside pockets.  All of which are zippered.

I am familiar with G-Loft from other Carthina products and it is VERY warm and is very close to being as capable as Down.  Probably the closest matching when it comes to synthetic materials.

The material has a cold feeling to it but warms up quickly.

High collar which can block the wind from you neck.  It can also be cinched around the collar to block out snow.

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