Friday, March 30, 2018

Best Assault Pack Ever? - Sabra Gear Sting Pack Review

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Best Three Day Assault Pack Ever? Now that's a statement!

What about for Bushcraft?

In this review, Luke is discussing the Pros and Cons of the Sabra Sting Pack and whether or not it meets the Criteria of a truly great Assault Pack.

This backpack has been tested in the rain, the snow, on and off trail and this isn't a Mailbox review.

Sting Pack Link :
Waist Belt :
Quick Pouch :
Combat Pouch :

Prices :
Sting Pack : $219 w/o Belt / $265 with belt
Waist Belt : $45
Quick Pouch : $25
Combat Pouch : $40

Weights :
Sting Pack : 3.3 Pounds
Waist Belt : 9.2 Oz
Quick Pouch : 2.6 Oz
Combat Pouch : 7.1 Oz


  1. Hi Luke! I enjoyed your two reviews on this Sabra and on the Savotta Jaakari or Jaeger backpacks. I researched both online either at Varusteleka or an Israeli surplus of which the name escapes me at the moment. These packs are expensive, well in excess of $300. Those of us who are well into bushcrafting I (personal opinion) believe we would rather spend our hard-earned money on American made products even though many NATO products are of excellent to outstanding quality. I would be more apt to buy a Duluth, Frost River, Propper or even a military surplus item in my own backyard. For example, I bought a Flying Circle backpack (in black 600D) out of Boerne, TX, that is reminiscent of the large Alice Pack without the frame. It's an incredible pack with a capacity of 75 to 80 liters; main bucket, two large side pockets, three ample sized front pockets, axe pass-through sleeve behind the middle front pocket, and sleeves on the other two front pockets for a Bahco and a Mora (my options). Also, behind the shoulder straps is a large zippered pocket where I have a 55gl contractor bag, a Tyvek ground sheet and several LNT Ziploc bags of various sizes. The cost of this pack was $102 at my local surplus store. The same day I bought a German Flecktarn camo pack for $74, an excellent day to weekend pack with axe carrier on the front. I think more to the point is my dollars were spent HERE in the USA. Being retired military I love all things military surplus gear, including items from our friends abroad, but our economy needs a huge boost and buying USA or in the USA would help us to keep afloat. Anyway, you do some of the best reviews and your honesty says so much about your character. Thank you, Luke! Alex

  2. Dear Luke. I am glad you like the Sabra Sting so much (partly because I am Israeli), but I was wondering whether you think the Mystery Ranch 3-Day Assault BVS is actually even better. I am aware of the fact that the Mystery Ranch is considerably more expensive than the Sabra, but please do not take this into consideration in your response. Many thanks in advance.