Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FILBE Hydration Carrier - Review

It's time to finally review the FILBE Hydration carrier after month and months worth of use and literally hundreds of miles and hours of trail time.

FILBE Hydration Carrier Review
-          Literally used for hundreds of miles worth of hiking.
-          Easily attaches with the use of D-rings to other packs.
-          3 (100oz) liter USMC version of the Camelbak Milspec Antidote Hydration Reservoir.
-          Hose is long, 46 inches and the tube is insulated. Has a bite valve cover to keep dirt out and off it.  Quick release for the tube and the bite valve.  Clip to attack to pack for keeping it in place.  Has shut off valve
-          Some pals webbing on the front to attack a small pouch
-          Two zippered pockets
-          Buckle in the front, I will put my sweater or hat in there to carry it.
-           Velco placement at the top
-          Drag handle
-          Divided mesh pocket
-          Side zip to access bladder
-          Back pocket where I keep a lightweight poncho
-          Has shoulder straps with sternum strap
Made by Eagle Industries and it part of the larger FILBE system.
Can be found sold separately time to time for $70.  Price will vary of course.
Cordura fabric.
Highly water resistant, not waterproof.  I’ve carried this during rocking thunderstorms and nothing was soaked on the inside, it was damp.

Finally we move to the review; Guys it’s a buy.  It’s fairly lightweight, very versatile.  Offers enough room for a good day hike.  Comfortable.  Certainly one of my favorite pieces of gear and certainly worth $70.

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