Monday, April 7, 2014

French Alpine Backpack - Military Surplus - Preview

We're taking a look at the French Alpine Backpack.


Fully padded back support  - One of the best we've ever seen
Adjustable padded shoulder straps
Exterior Easy Access Pockets
Loops and ties to add additional gear
Drawstring closure top with buckled lid
Ability to load gear from the top or the bottom - the bottom can be unzipped.
Water resistant vinyl construction
Holds up to 70L inside the pack
Multiple internal zippered pockets for storage



  1. I love tactical backpacks not only because it has tonnes of storage space but because the storage is organized in various compartments both in and outside the backpack.military backpacks There are even some military backpacks are designed with a liner with two sync points so you don't have to loosen up the entire pack to get the items you need.

  2. Tactical BackPacks are great tool for me .When you are looking for the right tactical backpack for your needs, you should try to look at all the different properties that you may what the backpack to have. Different users have their own individual needs when it comes to tactical backpacks so it is a good idea to look at several different backpacks to see which one would be the most suitable for your needs. Personally I prefer 5.11 tactical rush 24 . I would highly recommend this product and someday plan to purchase its bigger brother the rush 72 to keep in my vehicle as sort of a “bug out bag” and keep this one reserved for day hikes or traveling as a carry on. The materials this bag is made out of seem very durable. The design is well thought out, there are so many compartments and pockets that you really can keep a ton of stuff in there and yet keep it all organized. Another thing to note is that at least for me, I have to keep the shoulder straps quite tight to take advantage of the yolk design of the shoulder straps. This keeps the pack riding higher up on my back and keeps the yolk closer to the back of the neck area. If you are a person who wears your pack hanging down at your ass then the design is pretty much defeated.

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