Monday, April 28, 2014

French Mess Kit Giveaway - Enter Now

 We're Giving Away a French Mess Kit!  Enter Now!


Each mess kit has three pieces that nest down into a compact size for easy transport.


Two Cooking Pans with Handles
One eating tray
Size is about 7" x 5" x 2.25"
Authentic French Military Surplus
D-Ring for ease of carry
Marked on bottom with French manufacturer
Surplus Very Good Condition
Military Origin France
Construction Aluminum
Condition Surplus Used
Weight 1.75lbs


  1. Hey Luke.....long time subscriber to your channel. Awesome reviews and excellent tips for outdoor adventure. Me and my younger son look forward to the hiking adventures. I plan on purchasing the British sweat rag. Living down here in Texas, the heat produces a lot of sweat. So...this looks handy. Cheers.

  2. I like the British gaiters and would like to see a review for them. Have bought a pair and well pleased with the quality.

  3. Hi there! New subscriber. I checked out the keepshooting site and was amazed by all the cool stuff they have. I must say that I like the paracord bracelet kit. I was gifted with a bracelet. But I like the idea of being able to make your own... using your own design.

  4. i need this and might just get it now!!

  5. Hi Luke, love your channel, keep up the good work. I am a complete military surplus gidget gadget kinda guy myself among other things and no stranger to KS. I recently moved from Southern CA to the St. Louis, MO area and as you know it was a brutal winter this year. Consequently, I found that almost all my gear just wasn't up to the colder climate here. I am starting over basically, buying almost all new winter gear starting with clothing. I froze my you know whats off this winter. For starters, I am eyeballing the British Desert DPM Tropical Combat jacket and going back and forth between the Czech M85 Parka and the French Army Polar fleece. Gonna pop on a few more wool blankets to, you can never have enough wool blankets.

  6. just seems the older gear is better made, yes heavy and bulky but for some of the prices, how can you go wrong. I do search and rescue in the mts. of AZ. , AND YOU DO A GOOD JOB ON YOUR VIDEOS- just a little comment, tell your watchers to let someone know were you are going and drink plenty of water, even in the cold months. great show, I love watching it- DAVID-

  7. You probably gave the kit away already. I looked at the site and was interested in the NATO Trangia stove set. As I get older I am getting pickier for my gear and am starting to fashion my own equipment that works for me. I like things very cheap very lightweight and compact. I am a subscriber to your site.