Friday, May 23, 2014

An Incredible Alternative to Char Cloth - Fire Starter

Continuing along with our series on making fire...
Do you like Char Cloth?
You will LOVE this.
This is An Incredible Alternative to Char Cloth!


  1. Good Stuff, my friend. I've used it with a battery but never thought of this method. One safety note, that steel wool can get under the skin especially if your hands are wet and pruned on a damp camping trip. It gets really itchy and irritating. That would suck out in the woods where it seems every irritation gets magnified. Wearing your gloves is a good idea when using fine steel wool.

  2. This is great! I have a friend who uses this with regularity.
    Folks don't always carry items like this in an emergency...but a lot of people chew gum...have a pack in the glove box or a couple pieces in their shirt pocket or for the ladies, in a purse.
    People usually have a flashlight or some other device with a battery..(Any size will do) AA-AAA D..9V... just take the gum wrapper, cut or carefully tear a coke bottle shape into the wrapper and place the foil side to both ends of the battery with the narrow area in the center of the length of the battery and you will have instant fire for your tender. Happy Camping!