Monday, May 26, 2014

Budget Overnight Adventure - Gear Loadout

Thank you everyone for voting on the gear that will be used for the Budget Overnight Adventure; this is the Loadout.


PACK :               Kelty Vintage Tioga Pack : on Ebay          $55

SHELTER :        Eureka Solitaire 1P :                                  $72

Foot Print : Tyvek 4 X 8 Foot- Left over from                      $0

SLEEPING BAG :   Thermarest Tech Blanket Retail $50   ($20)

SLEEPING PAD :  BangGood Spliced Cushion                   $24

COOK KIT : GSI Stainless Bottle Cup                                  $10
(backup is Solid Fuel Cubs)

HEAD LAMP : Petzl E91 Tikkina 2 Headlamp                     $20

FIRST AID KIT : Adventure Medical Ultralight .3                $9.00

HYDRATION BLADDER : CamelBak Antidote Reservoir 3L $26

Gear Organization : Vaultz Mesh Bags                                  $11

TOTAL PRICE OF LOADOUT :  $277 if you paid full price.
I paid less that $200 for all of this gear using coupon codes and looking for deals on the net.

Additional Gear : Food, Lighter, Entertainment, Line for Bear Bag,


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  1. I use my back-up sleeping pad as an exercise mat. The exercise class looks at me funny but I don't see the point in owning(and storing) so much stuff.