Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Giveaway - Winners Announcement

Today we are announcing the Christmas Giveaway Winners!
Thank you everyone who entered.
Have a terrific 2015!

Pack Winners

MusicalWeasel from Youtube

Andrew T. From the web page.

Cara Siccardi Smith from Facebook


20 Patch Winners :

1 Adam Lippman 
2 Michael Hansel
3 Hunter Petrie
4 Christiaan Van Kleij
5 Isaiah Eagle 
6 Hayden Knight
7 Karla Bueso Arreola 
8 Donald Liverance
9 Miranda Griffin 
10 Sherman Jett 
11 Aaienaa Khurana 
12 Von338LM 
13 Patrizia Giocherò
14 Danielle Lyndon 
15 PureTazr 
16 Drew Richards
17 chelseafeth
18 fraggle79 
19 D Rogers 

20 jamie wall 

Thank you for entering!


  1. Awesome. I had to watch the video about 5 times to check that I'd heard it right. Happy new year to you, your family and your viewers.

    1. Not sure how to send you my address

    2. Email me Andrew :

  2. Congrats to all the winners! I had fun reading the comments section for the give away. I would also like to say the OGR has made me poor and homeless from all the gear I've bought. LOL Thanks Luke!

    1. I've just finished updating my Large ALICE pack with a DEI frame and MOLLE straps. I hope to take it out soon on a military surplus adventure of my own. Hopefully I will have better weather than Luke did on his last one!

  3. Yayyy!!!! I won a patch. That is so cool!
    Thank you Luke, you're awesome!

  4. Replies
    1. Hey there my friend, I need your shipping address.
      Can you email it to me?

  5. Wow so cool I won a patch!
    I've emailed you Luke!