Friday, January 16, 2015

I/O Merino Limitless Bandana - Review

Today we are reviewing the I/O Merino Limitless Bandana.

Weight: 1.6oz
Materical:  Enigma fabric. (96% Australian Merino wool with 4% elastin.)   18.5 micron soft and lightweight MicroMerino

Comes in two sizes: S to M and M to L.

Features: Tag free, flat lock seems

This is a hybrid face mask and neck tube and it can also be warn as a head cover.

When used as a mask or neck tube, you can tuck it inside of your jacket to prevent your neck from getting cold.

Pros: Very light weight, very compact.  Can easily fit in your pocket without taking up much space.  Does a good a job blocking wind and keeping you warm.  I have worn this down to 2 degrees F with 40mph winds and it certainly works well.

Con.  Price.  Sadly $30 for a merino wool mask is a little expensive even though for the product, this is right around the average going rate for a merino wool bandana.  Example: Icebreaker has a very similar bandana for $24.99 and a thicker model for #29.  For much less one could pick up a wool scarf and do everything that this mask does with a little know how.

So you’re probably wondering, would Luke buy one.  I have to say that I really like this Bandana but for $30 I think the price is high even though it is Australian merino wool.  When it comes to a winter bandana I would feel comfortable spending $10 - $15.  At the most $20.

I do thank I/O Merino for sending this to me to test out and review.


  1. Thanks Luke, great review, I agree with you, a little too much money for a bandana