Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sunrise Adventure - The Outdoor Gear Review

Today on this episode, Luke and Susan face the darkness of night to watch an amazing sunrise.


  1. beautiful sunrise my friends, the reason I watch you is because you both are so honest, Have a great Christmas.

  2. Most of your adventures bring a contagious excitement and a zeal for the outdoors, and this one no less so, however it also brought with it the bitter reminder of just how much work I've left to do before my own eyes are graced with such a sunrise. Like you, I have back problems, but I'm on a fixed income and I'm looking to writing as both gratifying in of itself and as way to get off the government dole and into the woods for my own adventures. I've spent the past four years writing a novel, and every page is more difficult than the last, but your adventures inspire me to keep going until my written world with all its myths, lore, and history sits in bookstores, coffee shops, and campsites across the nation. Indeed, maybe someday you'll read it while watching the sun set behind the mountains. If you find yourself lost in those pages and living an adventure beyond the world you know, remember just how much you inspired the author. God bless you Luke and Susie, and have a merry Christmas.

    1. rustedmind i do agree with you! Luke and his family inspired me as well that the outdoors is a place for adventure and happiness ... thank you Luke & Susie for sharing your adventures with me and the world!