Tuesday, December 22, 2015

VLOG - Gearing Up - Part 2

Welcome to a new series with TOGR!

Talk, gear, randomness, preparing for adventures and more!

In this episode Luke continues to alter and change his loadout for the next overnight adventure which will be live on Christmas Eve.


  1. Another adventure with the mighty Lone Wolf Luke and his Outdoor Gear Review powers! Sounds like the season finales of Transformers and GI Joe we all used to watch as kids, and the best part is, it'll be sittin' pretty under the tree on Christmas eve! Give us a HOWL while you're out there, bro! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and my God keep you safe on all of your adventures.

  2. Currywurst in a can, huh? Better make some room in that pack for some Pepto, some extra TP and and an E-Tool for digging a latrine.


    Seriously, nice pack and I look forward to your adventure. Assuming you'll be in WNC somewhere you're gonna get wet!

    Have fun. Be safe.