Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Inexpensive Ultralight Ground Cloth - Review

Today Luke is reviewing an Inexpensive Ultralight Ground Cloth.


Link :

UL Ground Cloth

Shipped as a Duo Size - Can be cut in half for two solo sizes at less than 1.2oz ea.

60" X 96" (5' X 9') 2.4oz


Very WaterProof - Even more than Silnylon and most other LW WP Fabrics and Tyvek

Ultra Light Weight, Inexpensive and Effective

• SHIPPED AS ONE LARGE DUO SIZE - Cut it into two singles or any shape to fit a floorless shelter footprint

• A trimmed 28" X 7' solo size will weight less than 1oz

• This UL Ground Sheet is fairly quiet and is NOT crinkly or noisy.

• Clear - Similar in feel to a thin Mylar plastic- pretty tough for a .5oz/sq/yd material

• Plenty tough for many nights of use

• Film is used in food industry to shrink wrap food .

• Tough and safe vs lower quality chemical laden PVC style wrap

• Clear color to see sticks and stones underneath

• Can be cut into tent shape footprints.

• Punctures and little tears can be mended with duct tape for a pretty long service life

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