Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Swiss M84 Canteen and Cup - Military Surplus

Military Surplus Wednesday is here and Luke has the Swiss M84 Canteen and Cup!

Link :

Price : $7.95 plus shipping

Materials : Aluminum and Polymer  Plastic

Details :

The Swiss M84 Canteen with Cup is a complete drinking system that was previously issued to soldiers in the Swiss Army. Like virtually all Swiss military gear, this canteen with cup is a high quality canteen system that is unique. Each M84 canteen comes with the correct aluminum cup which nests at the bottom of the canteen providing support and protection for the canteen when not being used.

The Swiss M84 Canteen is a complete drinking system from the Swiss Army. Originally adopted in 1984, this canteen saw service for over two decades before being replaced by the current generation canteen system. Consisting of two parts, one being the nearly one liter plastic canteen and the other being the aluminum cup that nests at the base of the canteen.


·         Authentic Swiss Army Canteen

·         Polymer Canteen Holds 0.8 Liters

·         Aluminum Canteen Cup

·         One of the Best Military Surplus Canteen Deals


  1. Hey Luke buddy you talk about "swiss" gadgets I recently purchased a swiss camo jacket made in the 70's for $19 at my local army surplus can't wait till winter to really try out.

  2. thanks for sharing the info looks good

    1. Sure thing cyber bot!
      This is a great little kit.
      - Luke

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