Monday, May 2, 2016 Subscription Box #3 - Unboxing

Today Luke and Susan are doing an Unboxing of the Subscription Box.  This is box #3.  Grab a cup of coffee and lets see what's inside.



Survival Boxes contacted me to see if I would like to checkout what they offer and I said, absolutely!  So what I received is an example of a typical Welcome Box - the first box a subscriber will receive.

SURVIVAL BOXES are packed with items from the survival elements of Gear, Food, and Water. Plus Survival Garden Seeds!

Every month you will receive:

• Survival Gear - (2-5 great survival items or 1 awesome one)

• Survival Food - Delicious 25-year shelf life storable meals and foods (Different entree & food varieties every month)

- 24 hours/1 Day supply of 25-year storable food in every box

***Minimum of 8 servings/2000 Calories in every box***

• Survival Water - Emergency water & water purification

• Survival Seeds - Storable Non-GMO Heirloom seeds (3 varieties per month that will produce renewable food in your survival garden)

• Survival Knowledge Cards - Survival Tips and Instruction

Cost : $39.99 monthly
prepay for 3 months : $116.97
Prepay 6 months : $227.94
Prepay 12 months : $443.88

Shipping : $9.95

Monthly Box :

Boxes will ship around the 7th

Awesome Money Back Guarantee :

Cancel or skip a box anytime!  No questions and no hassle!  If you are not 100% satisfied with your Survival Box,  just send it back.

Survival Food :

The company also has a survival box of food supplies which include storable food along with seeds.


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    1. The company didn't send me box number 2 so I couldn't review that one. I just received box #5 and that video will be up soon and it will be worth watching. :D
      - Luke