Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Moose and Guns - Mossberg 590AL LE - Ep.1

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This is the first episode of Moose and Guns!  Join Luke and his 1986 Military M1008 CUCV (D30) truck while we have a good time with the Mossberg 590AL LE at Lone Wolf Mountain.

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  1. Luke! Wow! What a blast...literally, too! Now, I want to take my antique shotgun out and shoot some watermelon and dollar bottles of soda. A backpacking friend of mine gifted an old 20 ga, bolt action, one in the chamber and two in the magazine, no name firearm. That was 45 years ago when I was an Air Force paramedic. I saved his Dad's life performing CPR after he collapsed in his backyard. That gun is still encased in something similar to what you have for your Mosberg. Wow! Your shotgun is awesome! Love it! I love "Moose" and I am familiar with military vehicles as I worked with EOD out on the gunnery ranges cleaning up unexploded ordnances, i.e. 500 lb bombs, 50 cal ammo, white phosphorus bombs, etc. I got to drive the "dud truck" which was a 4X4 M37 with a short bed filled with sand bags to keep the small ordnances from bouncing around. I was their "Doc" but I drove the dud truck...go figure. I loved that job. I even got to set up an explosion using C4, det cord with timers. When that watermelon exploded it reminded me of that event I will always treasure. When I have the opportunity to attend a military auction I will be looking for a M37. You think Moose is slow try driving the M37. The huge multi-wheel drive EOD dump trucks were faster. Take care of Moose and it will always be your friend. Man, I love you and your awesome videos! Alex/AlphaWhiskey47.