Monday, August 28, 2017

Ozark Trail Tents - What You Need To Know Before Purchasing - Buyer Warning

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This is a TOGR Product Alert in regards to Ozark Trail Tents.  Before you purchase one of these tents or before you take you Ozark tent on the trail, you need to watch this video.  It might just save your life...seriously.

Ozark Customer Service Number : 1-800-325-4121

Ozark 1-Person Backpacking Tent Review Link :

Link :

Price : $25

Weight : Around 3lbs with everything included

Color :  Yellow and Tan

Ozark offers multiple tents which they refer to as 1 Person Backpacking Tents;

The model number is Model# W796.1

Just in case that you don’t know, Ozark is a brand which is most commonly associated with Walmart but it can be found on other sites including amazon.  The pricing is definitely better on Walmart!

This brand is recognized for making very inexpensive, beginner-level backpacking gear and their quality is known for being so-so.

I attempted to locate the official Ozark web site to get further information about their products and the company but I’m not sure if I found it or not.  I located one site called Ozark Trail Tents . com and that was one of the fishiest looking sites that I have been on in a long time.  The fact that it had a popup with an animated character which was speaking to me didn’t help.  It reminded me a lot of the desktop babe from the 90’s!

•      Stuff sack dimensions: 22.5" x 4" x 4"
•      Carry weight: 3 lbs
•      Setup dimensions: 96" long x 48" wide at the front of the tent, tapering to 24" at the foot
•      Center height: 36" at the front of the tent, tapering to 22" height at the foot
•      Sleeps 1
•      Mesh window at front of tent and vent at foot provides ventilation
•      Easy to set up 2-pole design
•      Setup time: 5 minutes
•      Lightweight poly taffeta floor keeps weight to a minimum
•      Taped wall seams for weather protection

Includes 1 organizer pocket

Materials : While I am not entirely sure, I believe that is made from polyester.  Whatever it is cheap, doesn’t breathe at all.



  1. I have tested a number of Ozark products! No it's to a top brand item you might spend hundreds of dollars on. It is what it is! If you take a few minutes of your time and make some very expensive modifications Ozark Trail Tents will serve you well. Now I'm not saying buy one and hit the AT for 6 months but as a weekend trip it works and works well!

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