Thursday, August 31, 2017

So HOT That It Can Melt - Olight H2R Nova Headlamp and Flashlight – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Olight H2R Nova Headlamp.  A device which becomes so hot that it can easily melt plastic and ignite charcloth.

Also there are a few more issues to discuss.

Link :

Price : $89.95 on Olight and on Amazon

Weight :

Battery : 18650 – rechargeable 3,000Mah Bat included

Rechargeable : Via magnetic usb charge base

6 Modes – Turbo High Medium Low Moonlight Strobe

Options : Available in Cool White as well as Neutral White

Lockable by hold and click in moonlight

Double click for turbo

Triple click is strobe

Lens Type : Diffused - provides a wide beam to light up a work area or a path through the woods/house.

Headlamp and Flashlight Review?  I’m sure you are wondering, why did I say both?  That’s because this headlamp is very versatile and it can be used as both;

A very powerful headlamp and a very powerful flashlight

Aluminum Construction

Gradual switching of the modes

Low battery warning – light blinks once perminute when running low on power

Lumens and Run Times vary depending on the version that you get;

2300 lumens for 1 minute and then steps down to 750lm

LEVEL 1 (lumens)


Run-time LEVEL 1

2300 lumens(~750lm) - Cool White

2000 lumens(~750lm) - Neutral White

1h50m (1m)

LEVEL 2 (lumens)


Run-time LEVEL 2

600 lumens - Cool White

550 lumens - Neutral White


LEVEL 3 (lumens)


Run-time LEVEL 3

150 lumens - Cool White

140 lumens - Neutral White


LEVEL 4 (lumens)


Run-time LEVEL 4

30 lumens - Cool White

27 lumens - Neutral White


LEVEL 5 (lumens)


Run-time LEVEL 5 (moonlight)

1 lumens - Cool White

1 lumens - Neutral White

45 days






Waterproof and drop

IPX8 – Waterproof to 2 meters.

Drop resistant to 1.5

Weight: 6.14 oz. (Including Battery and Strap) (174 g)

Length (mm / in)

110 / 4.33

Head Diameter (mm / in)

25 / 0.95”

Body Diameter (mm / in)

23.2 / 0.91”


Cree XHP50


Custom plastic enclosure.


everyday carry , car, camping, fishing, household, EDC, general use, fishing, climbing, cave exploration, outdoor activities, house activities

Package Contents

Flashlight Olight H2R x 1

pocket clip x 1

head strap x 1

silicone mount x 1

customised Olight 18650 3000mAh x 1

Magnetic Charging Cable x 1

EVA Pad (replacement of the magnet)

Single-sided Adhesive Replacement EVA Pad

instruction manual x 1

Pros :


Awesome design!

Very bright

Excellent quality

Not too large, not too large

Uses 18650 batteries.

Can easily go from headlamp to flashlight.

Can be attached to your backpack straps, to your pants, pocket, etc.

Great beam balance – it throws and floods.

When charging, there is an indicator – Green for when it is fully charged, Red for Charging

Easy to hold light, fits good in the hand.

The switch is angled and is comfortable to use and switch levels.

Overall tons of good features, good solid performance out of the light, and you can get a few good minutes of 2500 lumens.

Cons :

I’ve discovered that this headlamp isn’t compatible with all 18650 batteries, some it will work with and some it will not.  What it is that makes the difference, I don’t know.  Olight claims that their batteries are customized but I don’t know how that has been done specifically.  They look no different than any of my other 18650 batteries.

There are a lot of pieces and components to this light and it would have been nice if the company would have included at least a carry bag to keep everything together.  Some of Olights other products come with such cases.

Odd stepping between levels – I would like to see a 1000 lumens mode as it is hard to tell the difference between 600 and 300 lumens.

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