Friday, April 20, 2018

Canoeing in the Ocean - The Island - Overnight Adventure

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This trip has it all;

ocean canoeing, deserted island, military aircraft, dolphins, and plenty of adventure!

This is TOGR's latest Overnight Adventure!

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  1. That was a very enjoyable hour and 57 seconds, Luke and Susie! North Carolina offers some of the most beautiful beaches on the Eastern seaboard. My favorites are the beaches of the Outer Banks, especially near Ocracoke Lighthouse. I used to rent jet skis in that area. A canoe trip to Bear Island just may be in the near future. I own a kayak but it's not a sea worthy craft. I want a canoe and I like that Mad River canoe you guys rented; the other option is a Swift similar to Joe Robinet's canoe. The interaction between you two is precious...don't ever lose that communication. BTW Susie, I love those sandals you wore...looked like Teva's. I often wear open toe sandals when I hike and my present pair are Ozark Trail. They are super comfortable and I've hiked in them 4 to 5 seasons now (not in winter of course as I'm no Cody Lundine or Matt Graham). Great adventure you guys! Hope you got all of the sand out by now :)