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Odd Military Tent - Nemo Shield Tanto SE - Review

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What you are about to see is one of the most interesting/odd tents which has had *SOME* level of use by US military forces;

Super lightweight.
More of a Bivvy.
A bit strange...

This is the Nemo Shield Tanto SE Tent Review.

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Price : $ 349.95 when these were being offered to government agencies.  These are very hard to find and sale for at least $530 on eBay.

Weight : 1lb 15oz

Essentially is an inflatable bivy

From what I understand, the design of this tent was taken from the Nemo GoGo and was converted for a military purpose.  How well adopted in the armed forces this was, I do not know.  I would venture to say that it wasn’t wide adopted.

Tanto SE utilizes our AirSupported Technology®, replacing traditional poles with inflatable ribs that reduce erect time and packed size and add strength and repairability. Combined with the Tanto™ Fly, this is a versatile shelter for milder weather conditions and rainy, tropical environments.

Traditional bivy bags are limp, claustrophobic and challenging to use when it’s raining or snowing. But Tanto™ SE tensions out like a tent, has a big enough interior volume to read a map or work on a laptop, a convertible vestibule for meal prep, and room inside for gear. AirSupported Technology® allows the Tanto™ SE to be inflated in under 15 seconds using the Integrated Pump and deflated in less than 5 seconds. The entire canopy of Tanto™ SE is mesh, keeping insects away and allowing excellent air circulation, even when the rain fly is attached. A front and a side entrance allow ingress and egress around whatever equipment you have inside. Used extensively by SOF, the Tanto™ SE is the go to shelter for fast and light operations in temperate and tropical environments.

Seasons: 3-Season

Capacity: 1-Person

Packed weight: 2 lb. 14.2 oz.

Pack size: 7x10"

Peak height: 27"

Floor dimensions: 114x41"

Floor area: 19 sq.ft.

Bathtub floor: Yes

Tent floor material: 30 denier polyurethane-coated nylon

Number of doors: 1

Number of poles: Rather than support poles, the bivy utilizes a built-in AirBeam strut that you inflate with air using the included foot pump

Tent wall material: No-See-Um® mesh

Rain fly material: 30 denier polyurethane-coated nylon

Stakes: Aluminum

Stuff sack: Yes

Recommended use: Backpacking,Mountaineering

Made in Viet Nam

AirSupported Technology tensions the bivy like a tent, placing No-See-Um® mesh above your body and keeping insects at a safe distance

Inflates in under 15 seconds using the integrated pump and deflates in less than 5 seconds

Rain fly provides additional storage within arms reach

Swallowtail patterning allows you to add a stick or collapsible pole to prop up the foot end of the inner tent with the rain fly

Stake out the back

Stick for the back

Click pump

Blow and pump

Review :


Lightweight (approx. 22 oz with accessories) – impressively small size

AirSupported rib provides space overhead

Generous length and shape provide ample headroom – plenty of room for your basic needs

Stakes and footbox help keep the walls off

Because of the limited ventilations, it is warmer than most 3 seasons tents.  During one trip I was able to record a 19 degree temp difference from the inside to the outside

 Packs small

Bigger than a traditional bivy

Very easy to setup – less than a minute!

Definitely waterproof

Cons :

Price if you can find it

 AirSupport pump is not integrated

 Poor Ventilation – poor airflow

Because of the poor ventilation, it’s not a great tent from locations where temps will be above 75f.  Any warmer and this tent becomes a sauna.

Lightweight fabrics require caution/footprint

Single wall condensation issues  - Your sleeping bag will get wet!

Fabric sags when wet

Lose the pump and this tent isn’t going to be inflated!

** Not enough Stakes are included for staking out the back

·       limited breathability

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