Friday, April 6, 2018

What Will We Find? - The Rock Slide - Day Hike Adventure (GH5)

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Storms often close the roads in our area for months at a time; when that happens, it's a great time to explore!  With this Adventure, Luke and Susan are jumping the barricades in search of a rock slide and some storm damage!

What will we find?

Find out now.

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  1. l love "road hikes" with my wife in our neighborhood. If I can't get her to hike on a trail...fears bears, snakes, spiders, multiple creepy crawlies, did I mention snakes?...I can coerce her into a walk in our wooded area roads. It's a chance to run into a neighbor we haven't met, look in other yards to get ideas on gardening, garden borders and plants. The other day I discovered a grove (?) of bamboo trees in a nearby neighbor's yard. Great stuff to make a backyard lean-to shelter and a raised bed. I use my backyard to test out new gear, ie tarps, tents, sleeping gear, axes, knives, etc. There were three bamboo trees loose on the roadside so I took them home and made each of us a hiking staff and a spear using a Cold Steel knife with the hollow handle. Bamboo is so awesome. I used to grow it them from "keiki's" (bamboo shoots) I found on jungle hikes on the Hana side of Maui. Controlling the growth can be a PIA. Anyway, I love this video. Just watching it is super relaxing. Your face plants in the snow were cool and too funny. Great stuff. Thank you, Luke and Susie! We wish Madison all the best in her chosen career...GO NAVY!