Wednesday, October 31, 2018

LBX Tactical - Medium Window Pouch - Pouch 7

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Last week Luke reviewed the Small LBX Window Pouch, today it's the Medium one!

This is the 7th episode of Pouches which is all about PALS/MOLLE/Hook and Loop pouches.  There are so many pouches and variations on the market but when you go online to try to find the perfect one it is virtually impossible to tell what you are looking at.  Most sites don't even provide dimensions for size referencing.

LBX TACTICAL 3" Open Window Pouch, Coyote Brown, Medium

Link :
Price : $24.00
Weight : 2.7oz
Size : x 7 x 3

Same colors as the small pouch which you all saw previously;
Black, coyote, grey, red, etc.

For this episode of pouches, we continue to look at Hook and Loop pouches with this being the larger version of the pouch which we looked at last week.  This is the LBX TACTICAL 3" Open Window Pouch, Coyote Brown, Medium.

window pouch w/hook and loop backing for quick insert/removal

Clear window for easy item identification

Fits Perfectly In Grab And Go Insert For Khard Series

Great for load out customization and organization

Overall Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 3


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