Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Camp and Backpack Like a Cold Weather Pro - Tips

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This episode is all about camping/hiking/backpacking in the cold and with snowy conditions!


  1. Great advice! You two are a super tag team on this video. Preparation for contingencies was something that was drilled into me in the military. Making a list and checking it twice (even three times) is so important, especially winter excursions. Bringing a copy of your list with you can be important as well when you camp at multiple sites. Leaving your ferro rod, compass, even your knife behind at the last campsite can really ruin your day. I left a set of Black Diamond trekking poles behind one time and hiked back six miles to retrieve them.

  2. If you are staying at a campsite that allows barbecues or campfires, make sure you take something to light the fire with. Camping Switzerland