Friday, January 11, 2019

How To Save On Used Gear and Find Good Deals - Part 1

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Are you on a tight budget but don't want to buy garbage gear?

Don't worry, I've got you covered and will show you how to save a lot of money when it comes to purchasing backpacking gear.

In this episode, this is all about USED gear, how to find the deals and where to find them at.  In the next episode, we will discuss new gear and how and where to find the deals.

Remember, a good used piece of gear is better than a new bad piece of gear.


  1. Great advice, Luke! I love shopping on ebay and bought quite a bit of gear and clothing items. However, I paid the "asking" price not knowing or just not paying attention to the make an offer option. My last purchase was a military-like fleece jacket with a hood. It was made in China and the price was $22 and change. I figured it would be just a cheap knock-off and I would get a season out of it. Man, was I shocked! It is really well made and the QC was off the charts...not a thread loose anywhere, great quality fleece and it's actually warmer than my $79 Nautilus fleece without a hood. I bought the OD color but it's offered in coyote and black as well. Thanks, too, for the tip on Gear Trade and that will be added to my list of favorite sites. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that the wolf mural in the background is Bad Ass, dude! I love it. I've had two nightmares in my life and unfortunately they involved being chased by wolves. I came face-to-face with a mountain lion in Arizona's Mogollon Rim while doing a number two, so that was a good thing :) I would rather face a mountain lion or bear (seven incidents) than a wolf as I've seen what woves can do to a 2000 pound bison. Damn, now that's scary.