Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Can I Recommend It? - 5.11 Insulator Jacket - Review

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This is the jacket that everyone has been asking about recently, the 5.11 Insulator Jacket!  To cut to the chase, it's awesome but 5.11 as a company isn't and the question is, can I recommend this product?

Find out now!

Link :

Price : Retail $130 - $50.00 – I don’t know if 5.11 stuff is always on sale or not but it has been at this price for the last two months at the time of filming.

Colors : Sheriff Green

Size : Small – 2XL

START : I really like this jacket but there is a huge reason why you may not want to purchase it or anything else from this company and I will address shortly.

62% nylon / 38% polyester fabric

Versatile thermal protection
RAPIDraw™ pockets
DWR treated exterior
62% nylon / 38% polyester
Low-profile chest pockets
Performance fit stretch panels
100 gm Primaloft® Silver lining
2-way YKK® front zipper

Stretch side panels which allow the jacket to stretch with your movements

Pros :

First off, this jacket looks awesome!  I love it and so do many of you as I have seen the hundreds of comments concerning it.

Excellent quality

Very warm – I’m comfortable down to the mid 40’s with this jacket with only a t-shirt.  Add a good insulation layer such as a merino wool sweater and I’ve rocked this down to around 15F.

Comfortable. – Warm – Easily adaptable to temp ranges
Accurate fit.
Adequately packable
Very well thought out jacket.
Excellent zippers.
Easy of access to your front carry and conceal.
Plenty of pockets
No obnoxious branding
Excellent value for the money with the sale price.

Cons :

The collar is just ok in my opinion.  It never gets on my nerves but I find that I am having to adjust it from time to time as it has a tendency to stick up and touch my face.  This is VERY small con and doesn’t impact my thoughts on this jacket at all but I want to mention it.

Terrible Customer Service

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  1. It's a shame to hear that. Been buying 5.11 gear for years, pants, belt boots, etc. All their products have lived up to my expectations in quality and fit. Never had to deal with their customer service so I really appreciate your review. I'll definitely keep that in mind for future purchases.