Friday, June 28, 2019

Everything Goes Wrong - Day Hike Adventure

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There are moments where nothing seems to go the way that you plan and that is especially true on the trail but that doesn't mean that it isn't fun! :D

Our recent hiking adventure series comes to an end with everything going wrong!  Join us for a Cluster #@$* of a good time on the Appalachian trail!

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  1. Well, it COULD have been worse! :D I recall Luke being terribly allergic to bees/wasps etc. and you didn't get stung! :D And no broken bones, or bleeding wounds, or.. :D I know your "everything goes wrong" statement was partly in fun, and partly to REMIND viewers that even when things don't go as PLANNED, good times can be had, and the memories may last longer than the "perfect" trips! :D Hehehe! :D (I remember a trip when the backpacking stove caught fire in the WRONG PLACE, finding "tons" of insect larvae in the water from the FAUCET at the campground, a nearby camper squeezing a packet of taco sauce and it BURST, exploding all over ME, my hair, face, jacket and I had to smell it for days until access to a shower! :D Yup, THOSE are the type of experiences that really stick with ya! :D Enjoyed your video and the scenery! :D