Wednesday, June 5, 2019

What the Heck is a Mini Alice Pack?

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What happens when you take a famous piece of military surplus (Alice Pack) and shrink it down to a mini size?

Nothing good!

This is the Mini Alice Pack....

Weight of Entire System : 3lbs 11oz Approx.

Cost of Entire System : $113 before shipping fees

Pack Link :

Frame :


Pack :

Price : $60

The Small Nylon Alice Pack at Army Surplus World is a great, durable pack for recreational use. The Small Nylon Alice Pack is ready to transport your gear safely, time and time again. G.I. Style Mini Alice Pack features shoulder straps, 3 outside pockets and measures 14 1/2" x 12" x 7". ALICE stands for All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment system and was adopted by the United States Army in the 1960's to help soldiers carry large heavy packs.

It too me forever to figure this out as there are no markings on the pack itself but hidden away on the Army Surplus World Web Site it says that it is made by Rothco and Fox Outdoor.  If you are interested in this pack, make sure to pay attention as Rotcho has a canvas version which will not fit on the frame.

This is referred to as the Rothco G.I. Style Mini Alice Pack

Features According to Manufacture :

• Constructed of durable P.U. coated polyester

• Large main compartment under storm flap

• Hidden map pocket under flap with hook & loop closure

• 3 outside pockets with compression buckles & 2-snap closure

• Wrap around compression straps over storm flap

• Adjustable padded shoulder straps

• 14 1/2" x 12" x 7"

• 600 Denier Polyester

No waist belt unless used with a frame

Frame :


Price : $53

The 5ive Star Gear® GI Spec LC-II ALICE Pack Frame is designed as a mount for either the medium field pack or the large field pack. This frame comes complete with everything you need for comfort to carry large loads with no problem, including shoulder straps and kidney pad. Item is compatible with the 5ive Star Gear® GI Spec LC-II ALICE Pack.;

Features According to Manufacture : 

Heavy duty construction

Complete frames include all straps kidney and shoulder pads



Summary :

A viewer sent me this pack and for that kindness I am incredibly thankful.

At first, I was highly confused by this; I’ve used medium and large Alice packs but I’ve never seen a small and there is a reason for that; it’s terrible!

As far as a review goes; I wouldn’t purchase this pack and I certainly wouldn’t use it with a frame.  Yes it looks cool and initially I thought that it was really, really awesome but as I begun using it the more it became clear that this simply isn’t a realistic backpack.

At this size, it is too small; so small and so limited that it is virtually impossible to use unless you are carrying only a few items.  I was going to use it with my latest overnight adventure which was a survival trip and I had virtually nothing with me with the exception of a small emergency shelter and some minor camera gear and it simply wouldn’t work.

Look awesome but isn’t useable.

The outside pockets are very small.

You can remove the frame and that will increase the storage of the bag but will decrease the overall comfort as the pack will become more round shaped and won’t fit flatly on the back.

If you like the Alice pack, go with the Medium one; don’t get this one.

Good for school? Maybe if you are carrying a few books….maybe.

Something else to keep in mind is that that Gi Style of packs, copy cats in other words have a strong reputation for failure; it’s a simple fact and if you go out and buy one of these, be ready to treat it gently and to have problems.  This pack is made out of polyester, not nylon.  Polyester isn’t the best of materials for backpacks.

More of a novelty in my opinion and for the pack itself, it is very expensive.  I wouldn’t recommend buying this; take your money and buy something else. Buy a medium alice with frame for $55 and call it a day.

Frame looks to be very well made and I don’t personally see any issues with it.

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