Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Modular Sleep System Molle II Sleep System Carrier

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Want to Attach the Modular Sleep System to any backpack?  This is the Molle II Sleep System Carrier and it makes that possible!

Link : eBay and just about any military surplus provider; they are very common.

Price : Around $25 is very common

Weight : 1.4lbs

NSN : 8465-01-465-2124

Measurements : 15” x10” x 9" Approx. 1500 Cubic Inches (25.5L)

Materials : water-resistant Cordura nylon

Made by SDS

Versions : Can be found in multiple camo patterns including woodland which you see here.

Compatible : Works with the MOLLE II system as well as other military packs such as the Alice pack.

Features D-Rings so you can attached a shoulder strap to if you desire to carry it.

Was designed to fit the MSS; You will have to compress the hell out of it but it will in fact fit.

I see online that the term Molle II seems to confused people as they think that this means that it is Molle/pals compatible which it is not.  It was designed to fit with the Molle II rucksack.

Wht I like about this is that you can strap this to just about anything with a little ingenuity.  Molle II, Alice, ILBE, Eberlestock pack and so on.  Something to keep in mind is that it doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to work.  I’ve seen some rig up their packs so that they have two of these attached for when there is a need to carry large amounts of gear.

Big enough for just about anything; large sleep systems or even combination of shelter and sleep system.  Hammock and sleeping bag, tent and bag, tarp and bag

I often hear complaints when it comes to attaching these to backpacks because you have to remove the buckles; that is par for the course so if you wish to use this system, you will likely have to do remove the buckles, feed the strap and then reattach.  It’s not that big of a deal.

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