Monday, July 15, 2019

Sierra Designs ClearWing 2

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This is the Sierra Designs ClearWing 2 tent, it is almost perfect and it is time for Luke to hand down his review!

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Price : $230
Minimum Weight : 3 lbs 15 oz / 1.78 kg
Packaged Weight : 4 lbs 10 oz / 2.1 kgVersions : 2 person and 3
Design : freestanding
Poles : 3
Doors : 2
Number of Vestibules : 2
Dimensions: 93” x 51.5” / 232cm x 131cm
Vestibule Area: 12.3 sq ft / 1.14 sq m
Floor Area: 33.3 ft2 / 23.09 m2
Peak Height: 40.5" / 103 cm
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Guylines: 4
Stake Quantity: 10
Company Statement :

The Clearwing is a 2 door, 2 vestibule fully freestanding backpacking tent. Hoop poles over the doors provide vertical sidewalls and tons of interior space, and a full coverage, vented rainfly keeps the weather at bay. A hubless pole system allows the Clearwing to pack down small into its burrito bag.

Number of Poles: 3
Pole Material: DAC Pressfit Aluminum
Fly Fabric: 68D 190T Poly Taffeta 1800MM PU WR FR CPAI84
Floor Fabric: 68D 190T Poly Taffeta WR/1800MM PU, FR CPAI84
Body Fabric: 15D Nylon No-See-Um Mesh

Pros :
Easy to Setup / breakdown
Two doors
Excellent ventilation
Plenty of room for two individuals with regular size sleeping mats
Lots of headroom
No issues with leaking

No real issues with condensation; there has been some of course in humid and wet conditions but I’ve had no issues that are outside of what is to be expected.

Large overhand with the vestibule means that you can stay dry with the door open unless it is a driving rain.

Good price for the size and features.

Small pack size

Cons :

Larger size means that it is less stable in stronger winds; stake it out is my advice.

Ugly colors unless you like white, blue, yellow – seriously SD, if you want to excite more campers and backpackers, consider altering your color choices.  You can keep these colors for your logo but your products don’t have to be colored the same.

The white color will show dirt very easily; the first night out with this tent I had a huge dirt stain on the fly and it took a goo bit of work to get that out safely.

This is my biggest issue with SD products and I mention this every single time and 99% of the viewers agree with me.  Everyone watching this video should send SD a message and let them know, we light the design of your products but we want colors which match our tastes better; you will find their email address in the description box below;

The email address is for their parent company as it says on the SD web site to send suggestions to them.

With the exception of one Tent, I have liked everything that I have tested out by Sierra designs with the exception of the Divine Light; remember water coming through the walls?

Besides that hiccup, they innovate which is rare when it comes to the tent segment of the outdoor industry as most companies simply copy the same design over and over again.  Anyone remember the MOJO UFO Tent?  That was next gen and nonsensically priced.

I like this tent and I do recommend it; the quality is there, the features and design are top notch. The weight is good.  The colors are bad…for my tastes and many of yours.  Not much to dislike other than those terrible colors.

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