Friday, July 12, 2019

Fenix E30R Flashlight - Rechargeable - EDC - Review

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This is the Fenix E30R Flashlight;
Small form factor
1600 max lumens
What's not to like?

I'll answer that question in this review.

Link :
Price : $80
Weight : 3.7oz with battery, lanyard and pocket clip
Battery : 18650
Max Power : 1600 Lumens Fenix ARB-L18-3500 included (two CR123A Lithium batteries can be used in emergency)
Form Factor : EDC
Measurements : 3.9 inches in length and 0.85 inches in diameter body. 1” diam. Head.
Charger Type : Magnetic
Max Run Time : 70.5 hrs on eco mode which is 30 lumens
Light Type : Cool White; I don’t believe there is a neutral version available, if there is I haven’t see it.


Utilizes Luminus SST40 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

5 Output Modes Plus Strobe (runtimes based on using a 18650 3500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery)

Turbo: 1600 Lumens - 1 hr. 27 min.
High: 800 Lumens - 1 hr. 55 min.
Mid: 350 Lumens - 5 hr. 28 min.
Low: 150 Lumens - 17 hrs. 32 min.
Eco: 30 Lumens - 70 hrs. 30 min.
Strobe: 1600 Lumens

4-level Battery indicator

Soft and Balanced Beam

Extreme Output: 1600 Lumens with visibility distance of 666 ft.

Magnetic suction charging port in the neck

Ultra-thin Optical lens

Tailored magnetic charging cable also available in portable Micro USB devices

Lock-out function avoids accidental operation (Double Click within 0.5 seconds)

One switch for fast, convenient operation

Intelligent over-heat protection to avoid high temperature of the surface

Low-voltage warning reminds when battery replacement is needed

Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation

Digitally-regulated output maintains constant brightness – will downshift after roughly 1 minute 30 seconds from turbo to 900 lumens

Heat protection : The light will accumulate a lot of heat when used on Turbo or High output level for extended periods. When the light reaches a temperature of 65℃ or above, the light will automatically step down by 5% every 10 seconds to reduce the temperature, and until to 350 lumens.

When the temperature is reduced below 65℃, Turbo mode can be reselected; or only 900 lumens can be reached.

Review Pros :

Easy to use and understand battery indictor
Green constant on: saturated (100% – 86%)
Green flashes: sufficient (85% – 51%)
Red constant on: poor (50% – 26%)
Red flashes: critical (25% – 1%)

I love the magnetic charging port; usb sockets with rubber cover is old tech and I’m not personally interested in any flashlight which uses it.  With that being said, it would be nice if flashlight and headlight companies could come together and select a unified magnetic port so there was one to charge all.  But because that is unlikely to happen, it would be great if Fenix would make it so that the magnetic end was usb so individuals like myself don’t have to carry a bunch of cables.  Some will dislike that it is a property charging port.

Excellent quality – no issues in the last couple of months of use.

Excellent stepping between modes

Easy to use lock out mode.

Great beam balance; flood and throw

Super small flashlight; perfect for EDC use

Quick charging speed – 3 hours to fully charge

There is no memory settings with this light so every time that you turn it on, it goes back to low.  That maybe a con to some but for myself, it’s a pro as I can use it when I need to in the dark without completely destroying my natural night vision

Review Cons :

On/off switch can be hard to locate in the dark; I rotate the pocket clip over the charging port which means that the on/off switch is on the opposite side which makes it easy to locate.

Can get extremely hot and will do so very quickly.  That is to be expected with so much power though.

There is no true low mode as the lowest setting is 30 lumens.  For some people this is huge, for myself, I don’t mind it at all.

Summary :

For the money, this is in my opinion an excellent edc flashlight.  The performance is good, it doesn’t have any annoying characteristics for myself.  Everyone is different when it comes to flashlights and may want different features such as a memory mode; lower lumen count and so on.

For myself, the only issue to mention is the recessed on/off switch which can hard to locate and use with gloves.

I like the power and I like the size immensely.

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