Friday, July 26, 2019

Military Gear and Storms! - Military Surplus Solo Overnight Adventure

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Within nature, it isn't just men and women who are susceptible to the conditions as life and death are very much an active part of the entire process which makes this world possible.

In this adventure, I stumbled upon an animal which was hurt and dying and I did my best to care for it until it passed away; it was an intense adventure for many reasons.

Additionally, the brutality of nature is presented with a series of high elevation storms with some VERY close lightning strikes.

Military Gear; LiteFighter Combat Tent, FPG MarPack, 'Woobie,' Swiss Stove and More!


  1. Death is a part of life you have to apriciate that,so you did the right thing Luc. Bear54.😎

  2. you did the right thing luke take care