Thursday, January 16, 2020

Japanese Fire Pit - Snow Peak Pack and Carry Fireplace Review

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Japanese Design and Japanese Quality!
This is my review of the Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace!

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Cost : Retail $190.

Weight : 11.9 lbs (5.4 kg)

Sizes : This is the Large version but there is a small and medium available

Material : 1.5 mm thick chrome coated steel - Stainless Steel

Dimensions :  17.75" W 17.75" H 13"

Size Stowed : L 22" W 1.7" x H 25"

Contents Include : Fireplace and Nylon Case

Made In : Japan


Attachments :

Base plates for ashes

Grill grates

And more.

By the way, any grill grate will work perfectly so if you want to save some money and go with a less expensive wire option you can.  You can also use any sort of pan or plate to prevent the burning of grass, ground and containment.

Uses : Car camping, rv, hunting, overland, heat, cooking, tail gating, rafting, etc

Pros :
Compact design

Operates perfectly – plenty of air holes

Easy to setup

Easy to ignite

Easy to add wood too.

Easy to clean

Exceptional Warranty!

Add a grill to and you can easily cook

Smartly designed

Very stable

Excellent materials

Top notch quality – there are a lot of rinky dink fireplaces out on the market, this isn’t one.

Folds flat and can be stored basically anywhere

Lots of attachments available

The large size allows for you to loud the stove up with wood for warmth or control it for cooking

Offers level cooking surface

Excellent heat radiance

Because of the design, you can warm your feet as well as the body when sitting close to it.

Cons :
Very, very expensive.

Carry bag is nothing to write home about but it works.  If you really fall in love with the stove, a canvas carry bag is available… a cost.

Summary :

With this stove, it does come at a price but for that price you are getting a product that will truly last a life time.  It’s heavy duty, very well made and includes one of the best warranties in the business.

Out of the three sizes, my advice would be to go with the large size as it present you with the most options including larger pieces of wood.

After spending my hard earned money on this fire pit, would I do it again?  Absolutely!  It’s an incredibly well made piece of gear which offers you the perfect balance of portability, function and strong construction.  All of which comes at a price!

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