Monday, January 27, 2020

Sportneer Adjustable and Non Adjustable Foldable Chairs

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Today Luke is reviewing two foldable chairs from Sportneer; one is Adjustable and the other is not.....but does it really make a difference?

Which one does he recommend?

Find out now!

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Agenda Free Non Adjustable Version :

Adjustable Price : Retail is $34 for 1 or $53 for 2

Non-Adjustable Price : $30

Weight of Adjustable : 2lb 5.2oz

Weight of Non Adjustable : 1lb 15oz

Colors : Black and Orange

Features :

Material : Aluminum +60D Nylon

The frame made of heavy-duty aluminum ensures stability and durability of this camping chair. Also, each camping chair comes with small attached storage bags to keep your small accessories organized.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE : Sportneer folding camping chair has 3 adjustable height level:

I measure approx. 13" at the lowest, 14", 15" at the highest content you different heights need, give you better seat experience.

Non adjustable version sits at approx. 13.5”

ULTRALIGHT & COMPACT : These portable chairs can be folded into a small piece of 14.25" x 5.25" including the carry-on bag and still weights 2 lbs. It is extremely easy to carry during outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and backpacking

EASY SET-UP : Aluminum shock-cord pole structure makes this camping chair for quick intuitive setup

WEIGHT CAPACITY : This robust chair is capable of taking weight up to 350 lbs. This heavy duty chair is a necessity for campers, hikers, backpackers, adventurers and anyone who loves outdoor activities

Review Pros :

For the money, excellent quality.

Have held up without any issues with all of our use.

Easy to setup; easy enough to do so without instructions – takes a minute

Stable when on flat and semi-flat ground


Comfortable – not oversized and I like that – there are a lot of camping chairs and some are overly huge – you’ll see people sitting in them and they are swallowed in material

Light enough to hike with and to carry; I like to bring one with me on day hikes

When sitting on a hill or any other uneven surface the adjustable legs are a must!

Review Cons :

Low profile even with being adjustable.

For large users, they may want a larger size chair to be really comfortable.

Heavy storage back; you can drop some weight by not using it

Storage bag is a little small; can take some work to get the chair back into it.

Legs can be a bit finicky to adjust as you have to hold the leg with one hand and pull with the other.

Summary :

When it comes to small backpacking chairs, there are numerous companies who make similar products with some of them being really, really expensive.  This is a budget friendly version which offers you very good quality for the money.

Excellent for day hikes and if you don’t mind carrying the weight, overnight trips too.

Car camping, fishing, hunting, etc.

When it comes the two chairs, the adjustable one is the version that I would select as it’s only a few dollars more and the legs allow for versatility that the other version doesn’t.  The height differences between the two is so little, it really doesn’t matter as you won’t notice the difference but for setting up on uneven terrain, this does give you options.

Also, it has pocket for your drink and so on.

It is slightly heavier than the  non adjustable version but only slightly and in my opinion, with the adjustable version, there really isn’t a need for the non adjustable version especially since they are so similar in terms of design, weight and cost.  Think of the adjustable version as the upgraded version and the non as the old gen.


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