Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Japanese Folding Table - SOTO FieldHopper Mini Pop Up Table ST-630 - Review

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Luke has been testing out a Japanese Folding Table for the last couple of months and it is time for the review!  This is the SOTO Field Hopper Mini Pop-Up Table (ST-630).

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Price : Retail price is $40. At the time of filming it was $62 on amazon but it was $36 on Campsaver.

Weight : 14.1oz with bag

Materials : Table Top: Aluminum. Legs: Stainless steel – Nylon storage bag

Measurements -

When Open : W 11.7 x D 8.3 x H 3.1 inches

When stowed : W 11.7 x D 4.3 x H 0.7 inches


Book style table which opens and closes….like a book.

Can be used for just about anything; I like to bring this along when I am going to be doing some cooking as it makes an excellent surface to prep and to cook on.  If you are going to use it to cook on, you may need a tall wind screen to block out the wind.

You can even dual use it; for an example, you could use it as a night stand in your tent; put your phone on it, you glasses, whatever you have in you pockets.  That’s just an example that comes to mind.

If you use a tarp for camping or a tent without a floor, this gives you a clean/dry place to place some items so that they don’t get muddy.

Pros :

Excellent quality
Excellent design
Easy to deploy and put up
Good sized storage bag – large enough for table and a windscreen
Not flimsy at all

Cons :

A little heavy – definitely a luxury item

Costly but at the same time, comparable to other products that are on the market.  There are a handful of similar products and most of them are around the same cost.

If you want one of these, make sure to pay attention to the details so that you don’t pay too much for these.  You can find them on Ebay but the shipping fees can be high.  The same applies for Amazon; some sellers charge for shipping, some don’t.


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