Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Awesome US Navy Gore-Tex Parka Jacket

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This episode is all about the US Navy Gore-Tex Parka Jacket which you have seen multiple times in my videos.

Agenda Free Link : www.eBay.com

Price : Pre-owned prices start around $50 and go up depending on seller

Sizes : Available in a wide range of sizes and lengths

Camo : This is the phased out Blue-berry camo.  The current camo is the AOR2 which is more expensive in terms of cost.  I will get one of these in soon so we can compare features.

Version : This is the type 1 version with the blueberry camo.  Type two features the AOR1 and Type 3 is AOR2.

Weight : approx. 2.5lbs

Materials : I haven’t been able to learn of which flavor of Gore-Tex this is

Features :

Hanger loop – left and right chest upper chest pockets -left and right cargo pockets – hand warmer pockets – snaps on the inside fleece liner – zips and snaps in – draw pull under cargo pocket

Wider chest for maneuverability

Water resistant zippers

Hideaway Collar for Hood Storage

Pros :

One of the best waterproof jacket bargains out there…as long as the weight of the jacket makes sense for you and the activity that you have planned.

Awesome price for excellent waterproof performance and wind blocking.

Robust set of features.

Excellent for cold weather- good for warm weather as long as you pay attention to the amount of exertion – this is a think heavy jacket and even though it is Gore-Tex you can sweat in this

True to military sizing- military articles are generally a bit larger than civilian made products

Cons :

Heavy – there are MUCH lighter Gore-Tex jackets out on the market.

If you are hiking the AT, this isn’t the jacket for you.  If you are out for an afternoon walk, perfect.  With a product like this, it is all about the right place and right time….that is true with all products.

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