Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Most Dangerous Stove - VINIDA Survival Stove - Review

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This is without a doubt the most dangerous wood burning stove that I have ever tested and I do not recommend it!

This is my review of the VINIDA Survival Stove!


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Price : $20 on Amazon

Weight Stove : 7.4oz

Weight of Storage Bag : .5oz

Measurements Standing : 8” x 4.5” wide

Measurements Broken Down :  4” x 4.5” wide

Materials : Stainless Steel

Stove Features :

Stainless steel copy of the Toaks Titanium wood stove which costs $45.

Gasifier Stove

4 piece system

Stove Review Pros :

Not difficult to lite and get doing.

Easy to use

Fun as well.

Reasonable size; not the smallest when it comes to gasifier stoves

Gasification process can begin quickly but it will depend on the dryness of your materials.

I’ve had no issues in terms of quality with the storage bag

Pot supports are good and offer a stable platform.

Fuel is free

No warping so far with my testing.

Large feeding port

Stove Review Cons :

Quality isn’t impressive even for the money.

Has lots of sharp jagged edges which could possible cut you. There are some minor dents in the material around the edges.

Be careful what you place this on as it could scratch table surfaces and even rip fabric. It should be mentioned that this is a common complaint with this stove.

Metal is thin but haven’t had any issues with use.

Arrived in a state of filth; the stove was covered in black metal dust.

Storage bag quality is….just ok and looks like it could begin coming unraveling at any moment.

No instructions included; for those who have never used a stove like this, it could be confusing.

Holes in the bottom are WAY to large; coals, burning sticks/twigs will fall through onto the ground.

Also because of this, you can kill grass that is below the stove and can causes external fires easily.

This is a natural aspect of all wood burning stoves; it takes work and it takes time.  Do you want to collect fuel and feed the stove; that is up to you.  Such stoves are much slower to use than your average canister stove and that needs to be considered; for myself, when I am on the trail, there are times where I want to wake up, pack up, boil water for coffee and go but that isn’t going to happen with such a stove. You will have to collect unless you did so previously and take time feeding the stove until your water is ready to go.

Another con for such stoves is that efficiency will vary depending on numerous factors; you aren’t guaranteed to boil water at a certain time nor will you have a consistent level of heat throughout your cooking experience. It can be difficult to achieve a consistent hot flame.

While the stove is efficient it will leave your pot very dirty and you need to be prepared for storing this in your pack.

You could always do the soap and water treatment trick for easier cleanup but you are making the pot slick which doesn’t bode well with an already slick system.

In windy situations, a wind screen is recommended as performance of the stove will be hindered in adverse conditions.

I mentioned in the pros that fuel is free but there is something that you need to consider; if you are taking this to heavily trafficked area finding fuel can be a problem. Some areas are going literally be picked clean so make sure to plan accordingly.

Summary :

If you have followed the channel for a while, you know that I generally like type of gasifier stoves; their designs are interesting and in most cases their quality is good.

With this one, the quality misses the mark even though the design isn’t bad at all.  Because of the quality issues and a potential to get cut, rip clothing and scratch/damage surfaces, and cause external fires, I would advise skipping this stove.  For the money, there are better gasifier stoves out there. 

Good for backpacking, camping, kayaking trips and even emergency use.  Not well used for long distance hikers or those who want to go light and quick.  Those in wet environments may not want to consider a different stove type.

Side Note :

Taking a look at sites which analyze Amazon Reviews, one such sites stated that around 40% of the reviews were fake on Amazon and that deception was likely.  They also stated that once the fake reviews were removed, it was a 2.5 star product instead of a 4.5 star product.

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