Monday, February 8, 2021

2020 Epic Adventure - Truck Camping and Backpacking the Holy Cross - The...

This is the full length movie involving the epic 2020 adventure that Susie and I had last year while traveling across the country.
Part 1 (traveling to Colorado)
Part 2 (backpacking the Holy Cross Wilderness) 
Part 3 (traveling home)
all together in one video which we hope that you enjoy!

In this movie, The Outdoor Gear Review is going out West to backpack what is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Colorado!

People Go Missing and are NEVER to be seen again. Plane Crashes. Death!

This is an epic adventure in some incredibly beautiful locations and we did it all on a very LOW budget!
Thank you to those who reminded me to put this video up (I forgot),

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  1. Addressing your concern for the Armadillos, It is an unfortunate part of living in the south. 99% of the time they turn into your path as squirrels often do and you don't have time or are unable to swerve around them. Most of the road kills are from night time driving. Truckers cannot afford to make such a fast move with their big rigs.

  2. That iron frame you found up in the mountains is pulled behind a vehicle to resurface or level the dirt road. The re-rod spikes dig into the dirt to loosen it up as it goes.